The combination of JOHN BROWNTM ENGINEERING LTD in-house built software with the most advanced technologies allows us to offer our customers the highest caliber of repaired stationary and rotating gas turbine parts in order to minimize their turnaround time.

Building on the extensive expertise derived from JB  International BV, The Netherlands, and Thomassen Service Gulf LLC, Abu Dhabi, a former business associate of General Electric, all staff working in the facility have extensive experience and are highly qualified in the repair of combustion and hot gas path components such as turbine nozzles, combustion liners, transition pieces and fuel nozzles.

JB has been operating a workshop facility at Sohar

for the repair of Hot Gas Path components for GE Frame 5, Frame 6 and Frame 9 heavy duty gas turbines.

Thomassen has been working on the optimization of repair procedures and technology

and as a result more and more repair and design activities are now being done in-house. In addition to GE Heavy Duty Conventional, FA & DLN Frame Technology, Thomassen is also capable of repairing Hitachi H25, Siemens v94.2, ABB 13D as well as LM2500 & LM600 GE aero-derivative turbines.

expansion and relocation

of the repair workshop at Nizwa Industrial Estate was done which has extensive and state of the art workshop facilities for the repair of gas turbine hot gas path components.

All procedures and working methods are supported by dedicated blasting, welding, heat treatment and coating systems to create the ideal environment to achieve the required quality and efficiency targets. In order to guarantee a proper fit of the repaired components in the gas turbine once returned to site it is necessary to check important clearances using jigs which simulate actual turbine internal geometry.
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